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"Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death." -Albert Einstein

To simply call it training is misleading. Computer science in general and digital forensics in particular both require a combination of education and training to master. Education is gaining information a practitioner must know. Training, then, is gaining skills the practitioner must perform. "Education" is to "know" as "training" is to "do". Reveal Forensic Investigations, LLC is engaged in both.


Hoyt Harness has been a professional instructor both in the military and law enforcement for the past 30 years. Most recently he's served as a guest instructor for police investigators at the University of Arkansas / Criminal Justice Institute and for teaching staff at Arkansas State University at Beebe / Computer Science and Network Technologies. Hoyt's taught various courses over the years, to include "Firefox as an Investigative Tool", "Email Tracing", "Surveillance Operations", "Computer Fast Forensics", and others.


The majority of training conducted by Reveal are private courses for exclusive clients. Public courses with dates and links to registration appear here:

Digital Forensics for Attorneys

The practice of law is a complicated business no matter what your specialty or area of law. To also cram an intricate knowledge of computer forensic science into your repertoire could only be described as extreme self-punishment. Even so, that's exactly what most courses titled similarly to this one try to do. Our approach is a bit different in that we have no intention of re-making you into a digital forensic examiner. Rather, we intend to impart a working knowledge of it by focusing as much or more on what digital forensics isn't as we do on what it is. Some topics covered include: Reasonable Expectations, Privacy Issues, Tool Limitations, Focusing on Evidence Instead of a Recipe, etc.



Digital Forensics for Investigators

Similar to our "Digital Forensics for Attorneys" course, but different in one way: We're absolutely going to toss you into the murky waters of the forensic scientist - if only just barely. Every investigator, no matter the specialty, should be able to perform rudimentary digital operations in a forensically-sound manner. One of those is preview/triage which is the process a field investigator might take to determine if a device contains any digital items of interest. Reveal Forensic Investigations, LLC is perfectly happy to come to your scene and perform this operation for you. However, that's not always cost effective for either you or your client. With this training, you or your investigators can work with a Reveal examiner remotely to obtain vital evidence so that focus can be directed to only the most promising, saving both time and money.