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"If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed." -J. Reuben Clark

Hoyt Harness, the owner/operator of reveal Forensic Investigations, LLC, is a 23-year law enforcement veteran. More than that, he's also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, and the Arkansas Army National Guard. His entire adult life has been spent in the service of others, helping those who cannot help themselves, standing in the gap others could not stomach. Consequently he has strong convictions in this regard and holds the pursuit of truth and justice higher than any Earthly calling or endeavor. No matter what the future holds for Reveal, the work will always be framed within the uncompromising limits of this worldview.


Winston Churchill described democracy as "...the worst form of government except all the others...", and maybe the same could be said of the U.S. justice system. Though not perfect, we do strongly believe that, at it's best, the revelation of truth and the outcome of justice can be realized before its bench. Sometimes cases are deliberated by juries based on which side puts on the best show; we'd like to believe these are the minority. Another outcome that we also want to relegate to the minority are those cases resulting in conviction of or judgments against the innocent or undeserving. Every case is much more complex than the coverage provided in the local news, and every case deserves the full attention of the team pursuing truth and justice. As subjects of the law, we support the premise of a justice system that is adversarial with the intent that thoroughness and completeness are are self-evident in the end. Equally, as citizens, we all have a vested interest in the outcome of every case, both criminal and civil. Therefore, the combined team pursuing truth and justice in all cases is made up of judge, jury, prosecution/plaintiff, and defense - even in an adversarial system as our own. It really is one team and all members are pursuing the same thing.

Prosecution pursues justice by demonstrating violations against the state. Counsel for the plaintiff pursues justice by representing the best interests of a potentially wronged client. The defense, both civil and criminal, pursues justice by defending the rights of their client and presenting exculpatory evidence on their behalf. We're not suggesting that, considering the human element, no one ever wants simply to win or that people sometimes have motives that are less than pure. What we are suggesting is the pursuit of justice and truth is worthy for its own sake and that all elements of the team are vital if our courts are to remain the best in the world. Reveal Forensic Investigations, LLC wants to be part of that team. We believe it's one of society's highest callings and one of the greatest responsibilities we owe to our fellow man.


Criminal Cases

22 out of the total 23 years of Hoyt Harness' law enforcement career was spent in criminal investigation, minus a brief span in the short-lived Special Operations Division of the Arkansas State Police. Even in SOD, Hoyt was assigned to SWAT and the Drug Suppression Unit, so criminal investigation was still integral to what he did. To say he's well-versed in criminal matters is an understatement. His investigative assignments included narcotics, thefts, homicides, conspiracies, child exploitation, public corruption, fraud, and others. He spent several years as a covert (undercover) investigator as well. Suspect, victim, and witness interviews were his bread and butter. He also was trained and on many occasions executed covert video surveillance in hotel rooms, office buildings, vehicles, and remote wooded areas. His participation with U.S. Department of Justice Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigations is well documented. He was one of two primary undercover agents during the FBI's "Operation Crystal Dragan" in Hot Springs and managed DEA's "Operation All In The Family" in Malvern and Long Beach, CA. The latter was one of the largest historical conspiracies ever prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Western District of Arkansas at that time. We're fully qualified to review your case, discovery materials, police reports, and laboratory analyses. We can be relied upon to professionally interview persons and expertly examine crime scenes. From basic interpretation of law enforcement's work product to proactive field investigation, we can help in ways that matter most to you and your client.

Civil Cases

Civil cases involve issues sometimes markedly different from criminal law violations. They sometimes do involve violations of statutory law that's not criminal or may be potential breaches of contract or loss of various kinds. Virtually any dispute between persons can be brought before a court at some level. What these cases have in common with criminal cases is that they both require competent and thorough investigation to resolve. The same skills of discovery review, interviews, surveillance, evidence collection/storage, etc., come into play. Just as in criminal cases, we're fully qualified to review your case and offer guidance regarding our areas of expertise. More than that, we can serve as either your primary investigative solution or as a supplement to your existing efforts. We, as citizens, have a vested interest in seeing that you and your client receive the most thorough investigation possible without bias or reservation on our part.

Forensic Peer Review

An explicit part of the Daubert-Frye standard is peer review. This means that valid scientific evidence, such as the results of digital forensic examinations, should be reviewed by an examiner's peer before being committed as a final work product. It is the process of subjecting research methods and findings to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the same field. It prevents the dissemination of irrelevant findings, unwarranted claims, unacceptable interpretations, and personal views. After 16 years of digital forensics work as a practitioner, supervisor, and instructor, Hoyt Harness would say the public should be shocked to find the extreme lack of peer review by law enforcement digital forensic labs across the country. The importance, then, of defense required peer review of all digital forensic work product in a case cannot be overstated. Of all the various types of evidence that may be admitted in a court of law, digital evidence is very fragile, subject to false interpretation, and often overlooked. Sometimes defense review may require new and independent examination and analysis. Most often peer review by a disinterested third party such as Reveal Forensic Investigations, LLC is all that's needed.