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"So little pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, accepting readily the first story that comes to hand." -Thucydides

We like to think of ourselves as being in the investigation business. The truth is, we're in the information business. It's our business to know what others don't. We accomplish that through meticulous and thorough exploitation of digital information. The art of investigation was born in Babylon in 1700 BC. Quite a lot has changed since then. Advancements resulting in our current 21st century technology coupled with the seemingly endless ways people have devised to hurt, steal, deprive, prey upon, and take advantage of other people leave all of us sometimes feeling nearly as helpless as ancient Babylonians must have felt before King Hammurabi handed down his Code. What's our code? It's simply ones and zeros.


At Reveal Forensic Investigations, LLC (rFI), we take your case as seriously as you do. With 23 years investigative experience, 3,349 hours of training, and being the founder of the Arkansas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ARICAC), Hoyt Harness is one of the most well known names in cyber investigation and digital forensics in Arkansas. One of his investigations for the Arkansas State Police focused on a cold case involving the murder of an Arkansas police officer that occurred over 24 years prior. The investigation was successful in spite of having no eye witnesses, no DNA, and no murder weapon to work with. It netted a 30-year conviction of 1st Degree Murder upon conclusion. Hoyt and the original case agent from 1977 were featured on A&E’s “Cold Case Files: The Sting Operation”.


Cold Cases

Solving a 24-year old homicide is no easy task. Neither would be the plethora of unsolved and cold cases still on the books all over Arkansas. From shootings to package bombs, many Arkansans woke up this morning still no closer to an answer to their most pressing questions. This, combined with the often close-to-the-vest approach law enforcement typically takes in criminal investigations, it's no wonder that crime documentaries like "Cold Case Files" are so popular. Don't wait for those answers that may never come while offers of reward gather dust. We can help you, even if that only means casting fresh eyes and an open mind on the problem at hand. Our forensically-sound methods guarantee that whatever new evidence we uncover will be admissible in a court of law.

Active Cases

Cold cases that have been long absent from the public eye are one thing. Active cases that are fresh with evidence that may be no more than hours old are another. As U.S. citizens, we've accepted for a very long time that our government is the most capable entity to solve crimes perpetrated against us. Being retired law enforcement, there is no question of our support and appreciation for those that go into harm's way on our behalf. However, in today's technologically advanced world, it's no longer reasonable to expect that police investigators won't need help along the way and that's where we come in. Our familiarity and proven expertise puts us in the unique position of not being outsiders to a police investigation while remaining your committed agents at the same time. Every citizen has the right to protect themselves and to see after their own best interests. We can help.

Corporate Interests

Businesses of all sizes and fields are victimized everyday. Sometimes it's by hackers who seek to intrude on the corporate network to gain competitive advantage, hold businesses for ransom, steal confidential information, etc. Sometimes the perpetrator is on the company payroll misrepresenting themselves to clients for personal gain, stealing company assets, embezzling funds, or engaging in a host of other malicious activities. We represent a CEO's best opportunity to regain control and demonstrate leadership, before company personnel and boards of directors alike. Our services span the entire investigative spectrum: undercover operations, surveillance, overt interviews, network/cyber investigation, digital forensics, etc. Being seasoned, we work fast and efficiently, keeping company management who are our partners in the investigation, informed every step of the way.

Missing Persons

Missing persons can be missing children, runaways, long lost loved ones, or persons who have disappeared and taken deliberate measures to avoid discovery. There is no required 24-hour or longer waiting period before we start searching. The sooner we start, the better our chances of a safe recovery.

Records Search/Analysis

Records searches can be tedious and time consuming, but also representative of one of the best raw data sources. Once in hand, we can render data from records searches into evidential material or actionable intelligence through expert analysis. Whether online or working shoulder-to-shoulder with the keeper of those records, we will spare no effort finding the information you need most and provide you with a clear, unbiased interpretation.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance, disabilities, and medical fraud cost Americans at least $80 billion a year. The costs don't end there. Fraudsters make it increasingly more difficult for people with legitimate claims to obtain relief. We offer this service not only to clients who have a direct monetary interest in the case, but also to persons who are committed to the belief that another is committing fraud while nothing seems to be done about it. Concerned citizens, pooling their resources, can hire us to gather the evidence and present it to those with commercial interests.