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"Life's most persistent and urgent question is-- 'What are you doing for others?'" -author unknown

Point of fact - everything we do at Reveal Forensic Investigations, LLC is consulting. Hoyt Harness is a consulting forensic detective at the heart of it. Full stop. Even so, we felt it important to include this as a separate category since so many problems a potential client might have are unique and resist cookie-cutter responses. It's unfortunate, though, that cookie-cutter solutions are the norm coming from providers who aren't qualified for the task at hand.


Digital forensics is an expensive, highly complicated endeavor with a high turnover rate for examiners. When six figures can represent a starting salary range in some locations, any other job is temporary for those who are both qualified and willing to relocate. The end result is a high turnover rate for employers of digital forensic examiners who offer less than top salaries. Still, many agencies, especially law enforcement, feel the ends justify the means and seek to establish their own digital forensic laboratory facility. Starting in 2004, establishing digital forensic labs has been part and parcel to Hoyt Harness' work in this field. He's built and/or consulted on the building out of 5 labs around Arkansas with the first two opening in February 2005. Those were the Computer Forensic Lab at Headquarters Arkansas State Police and one he assisted on at the Arkansas State Crime Lab Digital Evidence Section. Since then, he's been involved to varying degrees with the establishment of labs for the Office of the Arkansas Attorney General, Jonesboro Police Department, and Homeland Security Investigations - Fayetteville. We can help your agency do the same thing, from one-man, single-workstation labs to virtualized and server-based multi-examiner installations.

System Analysis/Cyber Security Remediation (SA/CSR) comes into play before the bad guys get to you. We evaluate your processes, procedures, policies, and personnel with an eye toward cyber security and safety. We then provide you with a detailed, confidential report of our findings together with recommendations for remediation, even if those solutions may be beyond the immediate skills of Reveal. In those cases, we'll work to coordinate the remediation efforts of other providers to ensure the end result is satisfactory.

Services are sometimes needed that are a combination of Reveal's skill areas. This might include investigation, training, and/or digital forensics, for example. In those cases, we tailor responses and solutions that achieve results in the shortest time frame possible that are both affordable and effective. In all cases, we approach consults with the same care, confidentiality, and discretion as in any other area of service.