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Forensic Investigations, LLC

Specializing in cyber investigations and digital forensics

What we do for you...

*We are digital evidence specialists who are detectives first.

We solve commercial and personal interest matters using state-of-the-art investigative techniques for the 21st century and beyond.

Computer Forensics

We use the latest in digital technology to tell the story the evidence wants to tell and in a language that real people can easily understand.

Cyber Investigation

The Internet and World Wide Web have given rise to a quantity of information never before seen in the history of man. Our techniques answer the questions you want to know most.

Professional Services

With over 16 years experience building cyber investigation units and digital forensic labs, Reveal is uniquely equipped to help your organization establish these capabilities and improve existing ones.

It's not magic -- it's computer forensic science.

Putting information science and investigative technology to work... for you.

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Clients who have problems without sufficient answers call on us to provide them. Those problems usually have a digital/cyber/Internet nexus and can be employee misconduct, online harassment, corporate espionage, missing persons, background investigations, or virtually anything under the sun.

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Digital Forensics

Other investigative agencies contact us first when they require digital forensic services in support of their own investigations. Clients who have lost digital data that absolutely must be recovered also use our services. The extremely high quality of our forensic work product coupled with our unique experience, track record, and uncompromising confidentiality often makes us the only logical choice. We use the same cutting edge techniques to recover lost/deleted data for our clients as we employ in digital forensic work.

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Case Review

Attorneys often require specialists with expert knowledge to perform reviews of previous investigations or digital forensic work conducted by others in order to prepare for trial. Those attorneys contact us first, not only for comprehensive case review and reporting, but for expert testimony at trial. We are extremely knowledgeable peer review practitioners and experienced witnesses who provide consistently qualified expert testimony.

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We teach a wide variety of classes, including investigative techniques, forensic skills and tools, technology adoption and transition, employee digital best practices, and others. Training courses are taught by Reveal at various locations and often as part of a partnership with other organizations. Even so, formal training can also be developed to the client's custom requirements and exclusively taught.

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Formalized training classes take one or more days. Microtraining is for those clients who need a short informal session from a wide range of cyber-related topics. For example, a legal group may want a two hour presentation to help attorneys gain a better understanding of digital forensics for the courtroom. A small business can bring us in for a thirty minute talk during their monthly meeting to enhance the cyber safety awareness of its employees. A community group might request us to give an intelligence brief regarding today's threats to their community and provide recommended solutions to those threats.

Consultation in progress


Clients who require direct assistance over a period of time opt for specialized consultation. We offer a wide range of services, such as digital forensic laboratory design, system analysis/cyber security remediation (SA/CSR), incident response coordination, etc. Most consults are a combination of technical and training deliverables that are provided on site.

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